Justin Timberlake Had A Classy Bachelor Party (Until His Friends Dropped Their Pants!)

Justin Timberlake and a posse of 20 friends partied in Las Vegas and then jetted off to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico last Friday for a week-long vacay to celebrate the end of the former boy band member’s single hood.  The guys planned a relaxing weekend of golf outings at the famed El Derado, a private resort and golf club. The bachelor party wasn’t completely tame though, E! News reports that JT’s friends mooned paparazzi who were snapping picks of their volley ball game. Sounds like about what you’d expect from a bunch of guys bro-ing out!

Justin kept his pants on while his pals flaunted their stuff, so Jessica can rest easy and know she picked a winner! Justin Timberlake’s relaxed getaway is part of the new bachelor party trend, many grooms are kicking back with the guys and enjoying activities that don’t involve a lap dance.

Now that the bachelor party is over it looks like the wedding to long-time girlfriend Jessica Biel is finally just around the corner!

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